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Drama Teaching Games and Resources

Before you start teaching drama activities it is essential to set your expectations to help the students enjoy their experiences and to make things run smoothly - especially if it is new to them! Here are some guidelines to share with the children.

1. Establish the boundaries where the drama will take place, for example if you are teaching drama in a classroom establish that the children do not go behind the teacher's desk etc. If using the school hall/gym, mark out a certain space such as half or a third of the hall. Make sure that the children do not cross these boundaries.

2. Establish a stop signal for example a bell or a whistle. When the children hear this signal they will 'freeze frame'.

3. Insist on a 'no talking rule' unless you have instructed the children to do so. Encourage the children to be serious and that you expect quiet concentration. "Drama is not a noisy time, in fact it's quieter than maths!"

4. If the children are moving around in the space, state a direction of movement, for example clockwise.

5. Establish a no touching rule unless the drama activities requires touching.


Below are some fun drama activities.

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