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Anything Fabric - Game Idea for Teaching Drama


This game can be played with children 5+ and the only resource needed is a large piece of fabric. The purpose of the game is to stimulate children's imagination by encouraging multiple answers for the same question.

Teaching Sequence:
The class stand in a big circle. The teacher shows the fabric to the class saying "What could this piece of fabric be? We're going to pass it around the circle and each of you will show us something it could become." The teacher models, turning the fabric into something (for examples see the list below) and children have to guess what it is.

The fabric is passed from one person to another or the child who guesses the correct answer acts with the fabric next. If an idea is repeated, such as 'hat', the teacher asks the child to be more specific, (e.g. a turban or bonnet), thereby making the child to come up with their own idea.

If the pace of the game is moving slowly, organise the children into half or smaller groups. A variation of the game is to limit the ideas to a category such as clothing, or things that are the colour of the fabric.

Possible Ideas:

  • Superman cape
  • Nappy
  • Flag
  • Wig
  • Magic carpet
  • Picnic blanket



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