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Walk of Life - Drama Teaching Game


The purpose of this game is to provide the opportunity for children to use their imagination and to break down any barriers and to have fun. It is appropriate for all year levels and ages.

Set the scene for this activity by discussing the different ways people and animals move. For example, a soldier walks upright with arms and legs straight, a snakes slithers across the ground.

Teaching Sequence:
The class makes two even parallel lines that face each other. Whisper a type of walk into a child's ear. They start at the beggining of the two lines and 'walk' between them to the end. The rest of the class try to guess the walker's identity.

Some ideas:

  • A bride walking down the aisle
  • Someone walking through some thick mud
  • A proud lion
  • Someone who has sore feet from walking in high heels
  • A spy
  • Someone who is walking into cold water at the beach

Once children have played this game for a while, encourage children to create their own 'walking roles'

Reference: Energizers and Other Great Co-operative Activities for All Ages. Quest Books: Written and compiled by Carol Apacki


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