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Co-operation Drama Game - A Family Portrait.



This game is suitable for most ages. No equipment is needed. The teacher just has to organise to children in groups of five. This game is suitable to be played in space where groups are not touching and interfering with each other.

  • The idea is to get the students to act out and be in a family portrait. This portrait however is not a 'normal' family portrait. It is a portrait of a 'theme' that the teacher suggests. For example it could be a portrait of cats. The teacher calls out 'a family of cats' and every group has to freeze in their positions.
  • Each group has only 30 seconds to a minute to form their final portrait of the chosen theme.
  • Try giving each group of five an envelop with a family they have to act out for the rest of the class. Ideas could include fish, royal families, sports players, super heroes.
  • Each group has a practice then the other groups in the class have to see if they can guess what the other group is a family of.


Send one group out of the classroom, while the other groups take a pose of something. Each group has a go at going out of the room and then coming back to guess.


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