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Drama Beginning and Individual Activities

Beginning Activities

  • Instruct the children to move slowly out into an area quietly and find an individual space. The children will know this in their spot because they wont be able to touch anyone else.
  • The children stretch up as high as they can in their space.
  • Crouch down as low as they can in their space.
  • Become as wide as they can in their space. Explore other ways of using space such as being as round or being skinny.

Individual Drama Activities

Read these instructions to the children. Roam children and praise their efforts and remember to enforce the no talking rule!

  • Use a drill and a screw driver to screw your name plate on your front gate. Make sure you get it straight. Remember to stand back and admire your work.
  • Become an elephant in a circus. Show how enormous and heavy you are by walking around. Now climb onto your stool and raise you trunk.
  • Make and eat your breakfast. What kitchen utensils and food do you use? Where do you go to find it? Sit down and enjoy it, remember to use your table manners!! Tidy your things away.
  • Climb carefully up a tall tree to the top branches. They get thinner as you climb higher so e careful. When you get to the top enjoy the wonderful view. A breeze comes along and the tree begins a sway so be careful. Climb carefully towards the ground. When you reach the ground show that relieved.
  • Pretend you are a mountain climber moving very carefully along a long narrow edge. Try not to look down. You accidentally look down and realise you are very high up. Try to climb carefully back down.
  • Walk across a pond on some stepping stones. Be careful not to slip. Your next step has some slimy moss.
  • Become a swan swimming gracefully on a still peaceful lake. Now become a frog jumping over water lilly pads in the pond.
  • Scramble up a steep sand hill at the beach. Now tumble down the sand hill to the bottom. Remember to brush the sand off.
  • Try to find your way through a think bush. Now do the same but this time it is during the night.
  • You and your sheep dog try to herd a flock of sheep through a paddock gate.


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