Day 5 – Bangkok – Chiang Mai

Today was a more cruisey day. We packed up our luggage (I’m going to need to send something back soon!) and lazed around the pool for a couple hours. We went around the shops to find any last minute bargains, including labeled socks because they’re so dirt cheap, less than $1 each!

We had some Indian butter chicken at a restaurant and it tasted like ****** before catching our bus. We waited in our hotel lobby for half hour from 7pm to be picked up to the bus station and didn’t realise that we were supposed to be meeting just down the road!!! It was all good though because our BUS didn’t actually leave until 8.30pm. I didn’t have a good sleep at all, the seats weren’t that much better than an aeroplane and the movie was in Thai. We soooooooooooo should of booked our train earlier but we didn’t reralise it was the Thai New Year. We had one stop over at some big cafe place and used our free meal voucher. It tasted like ***. It was a slushy rice porridge with spicey green leaves and some sort of weird meat I can’t even explain (I hope it wasn’t dog)…I just got a chocolate milk (didn’t realise it was soy Frown) After finishing watching Super Bad in Si’s iPhone, I attempted to sleep. I was sleeping in 10 minute intervals all night because it was quite hard to find the perfect sleeping position!!! Our bus arrived in Chiang Mai 6am and a guy took us to our guest house. Our room isn’t as luxurious as our hotel in Bangkok.

Positives – it had a queen bed, air conditioning and a bathroom, pool

Negatives – the bed creaks REALLY LOUD if you roll over or move, the shower is really weird and sprays all over the toilet.

At least the hosts of the guest house seem really nice. Overall Chiang Mai seems so much relaxed than Bangkok and the air feels cleaner and there aren’t as many high rise buildings. I can’t wait to go to Night Bazaar markets. Apart from the trek I’m not sure what else we’ll do here, Mu Thai boxing or a cooking class. I’m open to suggestions.

Anyway I’ll have to update this entry at another date as it’s only lunch time…I’m hungry, this net cafe has no proper air-conditioning and there’s much exploring to do!!!


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