Day 6 – Chiang Mai

Ok the next few entries will be brief because I have limited time!!! I’m going to go back to my blog and add in details when I get back.

 Had a good sleep in. Ventured out into town and had yummy pad thai and the best banana smoothies. Chiang Mai is so much nicer to walk around without the big sky scrapers and being hounded every minute.

On the way home we got a facial scrub and massage. It only cost 90 B and I fell asleep when I had cold cucumber on my face!!! When we got back to our guest house we had a swim in the pool. I’m actually starting to like our guest house because of the cool tourists that come through and yarn to us. At night we had our trek meeting. I’m not sure if I’m keen on walking "up down up down" in 30 + temperatures.

After our meeting we went to night bazaar. They had a pretty good selection on things. The thing that stands out most of this market are the women who roam around, stroking a stick on a frog thing that makes a croaking sound. They hound you and try get you to buy jewelry. At least you can hear them coming from a distance.

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