Day 4 – Bangkok

Well what a big day we had today. We woke up at 5.45 am because we had to leave early for our Floating Market and River Kwai tour. I’m trying to type as fast as possible so I’ll be brief and fill in the details another time…

 First stop – Coconut sugar making place (tastes pretty good!)

Took a boat down the canal – It was wobbly, felt like we were going to tip over all the time and it was raining cats and dogs!. We got absolutely drenched but it was quite exciting. We saw a big river python in the water eeeeeeeeek!

Had a yummy meal on the floating raft restaurant. It’s really cool, they untie the ropes and the restaurant floats down the river!

Teak wood furniture factory – made some amazing stuff

Went to Katchaburi War Museum, it was pretty sad to see what the British, Ozzies, Kiwis etc went thought to build the bridge.

Took a boat down the River Kwai to the main bridge. We walked across it and at the end we fed an elephant and Simon sat on it and got photos for only 100b ($4).

Went to the War cemetery to see the thousands of people that lost their lives. 

After our massive day (we were away from the hotel for 13 hours) we strolled the streets to try out some of the yummy food stalls. For 80b (about $3) we managed to have a really good feed and sit under the sparkling lights and shrines at the World Centre.

What an exhausting day…tomorrow will be a lot more cruisier with sightseeing the Grand Palace and temples 🙂 

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