Day 3 – Bangkok

This morning we got up early at went to THE weekend market. Have I mentioned how good fresh, cold pineapple is?!?!! (it’s only 10 b, less than 50c). It was an extremely hot day and I was quite disappointed. The best shopping is at MBK (even thought you have to pay 1b to use the toilet), Patpong market and all the stalls around our hotel. If you go to the stalls they can be quite desperate to make their first sale for good luck! When they get their first sale they brush the money you gave them all over their goods.

 After our let down of a market we went back to our hotel, had a swim/sunbathe and headed on ANOTHER motorbike to MBK mall. It’s so much faster in rush-hour traffic and only costs 70b (less than $2). I’m sure our insurance company wouldn’t be covering that sort of transportation. After catching some more bargain we went back Patpong markets to be hassled by the Barmen and DVD sellers.

Si is really starting to struggle with fitting in his shopping into his bag! He has bought so many clothes!!!

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