Day 2 – Bangkok

Today we started the day with a refreshing swim, the pool is quite nice and apart from some of the air conditioning it’s the only time its the SLIGHTEST bit chilly!!! After our swim we walked to Pantec. Its a multi-level department store with heaps of electronics – it was more Si’s cup of tea than mine. We had some lunch there, pretty yummy and well priced (around 40 baht or 1.50). It was really annoying thought because we had to change money into ‘food court coupons’.

After filling ourselves with carbs and chilling out we did the craziest thing ever…we rode on a MOTORCYCLE to Patpong night markets. Even though I’m a ‘scooter enthusiast’ I found riding these things nearly made me wet myself. I sat on the back of a high-speed scooter, clutching the back of this boney Thai man, weaving in out and out traffic. I had to keep my knees as close in as possible as there were many times that they came millimetres away from clipping other cars, people, buildings etc. It was scarier than any ride at Dreamworld and I’m pretty sure I left nail marks and sweat patches on the drivers shoulders.

 Patpong market is the king of the fake merchandise markets!!! There were sooooooooo many handbags, rolex watches etc. At these markets they overpriced goods ridiculously e.g. a guess hangbag was offered at 1800 baht ($75) and I got it for 200 b ($8). Another difference about this market were the amount of times we got offered to see ‘ping pong shows’. They loooooove white people and EVERYONE hounds you.."madam, you loooook, your size?!?!?!" It was quite hilarious to see the number of people flash little business cards saying in big letters "SEX DVD".

I need another foot massage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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