30 December (Munich, Germany)

On the way to Potsdam (next to Berlin) we stopped off at Munich for a few hours. The city is very Bavarian (think of Octoberfest) and we visited a few attractions including Marienplatz (Old Square), and the Residenz (former royal residence from the 14th century). The weather was sooooooooooooo cold but the sky was beautiful blue. We finished our stop over with some German food/beer at the famous Hofbrauhaus Brewery. It was a massive restaurant with a cranking band and it was really packed. There wasn’t one table that didn’t have one of those massive beer glasses, the ONE LITRE ones!

After filling our tummies we continued our drive to Potsdam which took about 5 hours. As soon as we got there we met up with some of Nat’s friends and went to a yummy pizza restaurant, the best in Germany and ranked 20th in the world!

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