27-29 December (Kufstein, Austria)

For the next couple days we went skiing/snowboarding at Austria/Germany’s biggest ski mountain, Ski Wertz. For a day pass it was 37 euros and to hire skis was 22 euro so it was a pricey couple of days. There was 250 km of tracks, 90 lifts/gondalas and 70 restaurants so it was absolutely maaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssive. Luckily I remembered what Emily and Joe taught me….PIZZA/FRENCH FRIES!!! I got a lot better by the end of the two days and now I want to buy some skis! It was really cool being able to have a wee break at the restaurants. The key passes were like key cards so when you walked through the chair lift entry you didn’t need to use your hands, it was so good not having to walk up any slopes, chair lift all the way!!!

I forgot to mention over the time we’ve been here Nat and her parents have been cooking traditional German food –  they’re soooooo nice! We ate Maultashen (German ravioli), Schupfnudeln + Sauerkraut and Linsen (lentils + Spatzle + Saitenwurste. There’s nothing I (or Simon) haven’t liked! It’s too overwhelming trying to order German food at the markets because the words  are so long and I have no idea what they mean! well I know ‘wurst’ is sausage and ‘shwein’ is pork.

On Monday we walked around a massive lake, it was quite cold but worth it for the scenery. Parts of the lake was frozen so Si and Dobbo kept trying to through stones though the ice. Those two are like little boys sometimes. n the evening Lilo and Claus took us to the big castle in Austra (built in 1100 AD) which looked really pretty lit up at night. It’s so amazing that Europe has these amazing castles, makes New Zealand seem so young!!!! Anyway we had a gluvein (mulled wine) to mark the end of our time with Nat’s.

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