31 December (Potsdam, Germany) NEW YEARS EVE WOOP WOOP!

After a big sleep in we did some sightseeing in Potsdam. We saw the oldest university in Potsdam which was an amazing building with lots of columns and statues. We went to the place where Hitler officially was granted power but there’s only an arch to mark this. Lots of places in Potsdam were bombed in the war. Our last stop was to where Albert Einstein had his laboratories…so much history in one day!

After a nana nap we went to one of Nat’s friends houses for dinner and drinks. We played this dice game which was reallly confusing. Something about rolling a dice and guessing if the person before you is telling the truth or bluffing with a higher number than the person before. If your wrong you have to take a shot of wine or straight vodka…the kiwis of courses ended up having the most shots since we weren’t good with our numbers! Luckily I managed to have a few breaks from the game but I saw Si have at least five vodka shots…it was a dangerous game! At about 11 pm we went to the famous castle in Potsdam for the big countdown and fireworks. We didn’t go to Berlin because it would of been too crowded and too much of a mission to go to bars with such a large group of people. We went to a nearby two-storey bar which had dance music downstairs and old school upstairs. At least it wasn’t as crowded as Christmas day!

We left about 5.30 am…Kirsty…NO KFC!!!

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