3 – 5 December (Los Angeles, USA)

On Wednesday we drove to Hollywood! We went to the Chinese Theatre where we saw celebrities’s hand/foot prints in concrete.We also did the Walk of Fame (celebrities names in stars). Hollywood was different to what I expected, I thought it would be a lot more glam, at night I guess it would look really cool with the lights. On the way back from Hollywood we went driving around Beverly Hills, trying to spot celebrities and marveling at the mansions (we didn’t see anyone famous Cry). When we got back we met up with Emily and Joe and went for a swim. After a big catch up we bused to Santa Monica. We had a few margaritas at a pretty cool Mexican Bar and walked down the famous pier again – the famous ferris wheel looked pretty awesome when lit up. Mark got really cold so in an act of desperation bought a jersey from the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant for $16.99…it was the funniest sight ever and the margaritas just made it even more hilarious. It made us look like such tourists!  We went to a few different pubs for some drinks and went back to the original Mexican bar we started out, a pretty good night and not too expensive with all the happy hours happening.

On Thursday we had a massive day at Universal Studios with perfect warm weather – I still can’t get over how warm LA’s winter is! Soon after arriving Joe and Si played some the Coke water canons. Si pushed a button and a gush of water squirted him in the crutch. Si and Joe were such fast walkers! Not a bad thing because we got to go to all the attractions. It was so awesome there because it was really quiet, absolutely no queues so we walked straight onto the rides. After a big day of entertainment we walked around the ‘City Life’ part of Universal and had dinner. We decided to bus back because we already had a bus pass from the morning. Thanks to Simon and Joe’s navigation we walked to the wrong bus stop and walked for like 3 kms because they thought we were going the right way! It was frustrating because while we passed like half an hour in a bookshop and we should of walked to the bus stop before it, instead of walking on and trying to find a bus stop. We ended up having to get a taxi back to our hotel. Oh well it was all part of the travelling experience! 

Yesterday we went back to Hollywood with Emily and Joe. We managed to find a good view of the big Hollywood sign from the Kodak Theatre. Simon is such a stirrer. Here is a good example. There was a guy trying to sell us a concrete slab which you can customise your hand/foot prints (for US$27.99  I thought that was a real rip off!). Simon points to Emily and Joe and states "they should get one, it’s their anniversary!". The guy was like "OHHHHH MY GOOOD!!!!" and got so excited, it was pretty funny! We bused back to our hotel and took detours AGAIN! we ended up at the UCLA and had to hop on another couple buses to get back…Emz was only 40 mins late meeting up with her cousin..woops! In the evening we went to a pretty flash restaurant in Santa Monica. We met up with Michelle (Mark’s wife) and Lou (Michelle’s friend) as they’ve been away in Las Vegas for the last few days. The meals were pretty yummy (and expensive). Something I have to note is about the bathrooms. I have NOT been to a toilet where there isn’t a crack in the toilet door! There’s always like a cm gap in the hinges, makes me paranoid when people walk past. Anyway after our meal we tried to find a decent club in the area. Our mission failed as they were all packed bars with no dance floor. We went to a bar and Joe and Emz got a couple Malibu and pineapple drink for US$33…they were not impressed! That’s like over 50 bux for 2 average drinks! Another thing about the bars is that all the ones we went to only had 1 mens toilet and 1 womans toilet…pretty ridiculous if there more than a few hundred people in the club!!!

I hope ya’ll are enjoying the blog!!! Cool

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