2 December (Los Angeles, USA)

What an amazing day we had! I have suuuuuch sore feet. Today I went to Camerillo Outlets with Mark and Simon. We got a rental car and it was about a 45 minute drive. It reaally weird driving on the RIGHT HAND side of the road. They have a weird rule that if your turning right on a red light, you can go. Also they have random stop signs on a straight where there are 4 signs! Luckily Mark and Simon were good drivers and lucky I’m too young to drive a rental car…I don’t think I could trust myself over here! The freeways which have over 10 lanes were also quite scary merging into Surprised

Camerillo Outlets were massive…imagine Tower Junction times 10…thus the sore feet! It’s like a dress mart but with wayyyyyy better savings and labels. For example I got a Calvin Klein long T for like US$12, a Guess bag for like US$30, and Banana Republic stuff for less than US$10. I am soooooo glad I did’t go shopping before going away. I also bought some Guess jandals/jewellery, Gap t-shirt, Fossil watch (US$25) and that’s all can think of at the moment. I have to pace myself for the San Diego Outlets too! Si bought quite a lot of stuff, especially at Kenneth Cole, including a very swanky suitcase.

After some R & R we went to a nice little Japanese restaurant in Brentwood. Suburban driving on the right-hand side of the road is scary, yet entertaining. Thank god for the navigation system.

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