6 December (Los Angeles, USA)

Today was awesome because it wasn’t so go go go! We started off the day with a sunbathe and swim at our pool (yes, that’s right, sunbathing in winter! It was 28 degrees).

After mucking around for a bit Joe and Emz went out to Venice Beach and we said our farewells Cry. Later in the afternoon Si, Mark and I went to the UCLA to watch final year MBA students do a presentation, pretty hardcore stuff! I forgot to say the other day we saw the sorority and fraternity houses, you know the ones like all the American movies have e.g. Old School. We went to the Apple Store in Beverly Centre bacause something happened to Si’s laptop. We ended up staying there for a couple hours. I was pretty sad I only bought one top and then it came to me that it was because of the Beverly Hills prices! Riccarton Mall doesn’t exactly have Gucci, D&G and Dior shops. Si managed to buy a few things though including a couple pairs of shoesMoney mouth. I can’t wait to go to the outlets in San Diego!

I’m not feeling flash at the mo, I hope it’s not something I ate Frown.

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