21 December (Stuttgart, Germany)

Not too much to report on – I woke up at 2 pm and Si got out of bed at 4 pm. EVERYTHING is shut on Sundays apart from Kebab shops. 

In the evening we went to the Christmas markets, the best I’ve seen yet. They had soooo many Christmas lights and little huts selling stuff and food. They even had a lit up ice skating rink! We decided to try some German sausages, we didn’t know what ANY of they words were on the menu so we just pointed to something and asked if they spoke English. Unfortunately the guy didn’t and Si asked what type of sausage it was, the guy was baffled and then starting oinking like a pig so we were like OHHHH PORK! OINK OINK!! We all cracked up laughing. The Germans know how to make sausages!

After oversleeping and not able to go to sleep we decided to watch a movie in bed, Bloodstone Diamond – a pretty good movie!

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