22-23 December (Stuttgart, Germany)

We went to the Merecedes Museum, but it was shut so we went to the big TV tower which was sort of like the Sky Tower. Afterwards we went to the Christmas Markets and shops down the main street. I couldn’t really find anything because they have lots of winter stuff and it’s quite expensive, I’ll save myself for Thailand. In the evening we went to the mall but it was more like a big department store where all the high roller shops! We went to the pharmarcy to buy some snoring medicine (I don’t know why but all of a sudden I’m snoring now). I tried it and it made me dry-reach so I was worried I didn’t follow the pharmacist’s instructions properly! I looked forward to seeing Nat so she could translate the German instructions.

On Tuesday we went to the Mercedes Museum and a couple hours. It was pretty flash inside and had a lot of German/world history as well as Mercedes car history. Si and I went in a car simulator which was pretty average but on the whole I’d recommend going there. When we got back we caught the Train to Freudenstadt. It was a nice train ride and we saw heaps of small towns and saw a lot of the Black Forest. Lots of the houses look the same (big houses with big triangle rooves) and Nat’s family is so hospitible. The house is soooooo toasty and warm n they have heated tiles mmmm. We had yummy French/German pizzas for dinner and had some drinks with Nat’s sister’s bf/friends. They went to the local pubs for drinks but I was so tired I watched Euro Trip in bed and went to sleep. 

Germans celebrate Christmas on the 24th at 7 pm onwards so I’ll be celebrating it at exactly the same as the kiwis, yayy!!!

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