20 December (Stuttgart, Germany)

At Nat’s friends house we started the day with good kiwi tucker – bacon, eggs, toast and baked beans! After blobbing around for a wee bit we checked into our hostel in town. It’s in a pretty good location and all you need in a room, at least we have a sink ! We share our bathroom with a couple other rooms, but I haven’t seen anyone on our floor really anyway. We caught up on some laundry (quite interesting communicating with the German/Greek lady) then headed back to Oli’s house for dinner and drinks. Her friends are pretty cool and they all were good at English. We walked into town and went to a few different night clubs. The clubs here are pretty cool and there were lots of people out! They have this weird rule that they don’t let in groups of more than five and they won’t like in like 3 guys. Being like 15 of us we had to split into groups and go in separately. Drinks at the bars are quite expensive, especially spirits. Beer is a reasonable price though, about NZ$7. After a big night dancing we got a kebab and they don’t really have any other fastfood open in the early hours – sorry Kirsty, when you go to Europe there will be no KFC after town! The kebab place was pretty pumping with massive cues and loud music, sort of like the ones in Auckland. We caught a taxi around 5ish

I’m sooooooooo glad you can trust taxi drivers here Laughing

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