19 December (Prague, Czech Republic)

Well not much to report on for today. We have sore heads. Blah CryWe went to the airport wayyyy before we were due to due in because our hostel didn’t even had a luggage storage and we couldn’t be bothered catching like four metros to lock our stuff at a station. So yes, we played the waiting game, we all watched Step Brothers on Si’s laptop and ate Mc Donalds. Mc Donalds it’s VERY expensive here, for my ‘menu’ (combo) it was NZ$15! And that was a burger, fries, drink and tomato sauce! I hope German food isn’t really expensive!

 After our flight, which I pretty much slept through we drove to Stuttgart from Frankfurt, it was about 2 hours. The autobahns are wicked! Your allowed to as fast as you want, as long as you stick to the right when you’re not passing. I saw Dobbo do 190 km/hr but apparently he was pushing faster speeds! Once we got to Nat’s friend’s place it was about 2-2.30 am and we crashed on the floor.

Lights out!

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