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Games for the Classroom

Here are a range of fun classrooms games and great if your relieving in a classroom! Games include: Run Around, Make a Face, People Patterns, Crocodiles, Knots and the Cardboard Boat Games. To see more games, see Drama Games.

Run Around
Organise the children to sit in a large circle (this game is best played outdoors. The teacher makes a statement such "someone who has blue eyes". Everyone who has blue eyes then gets up and runs around the circle and back to theirr place. The game then continues with other categories such as itmes of clothing, likes/dislikes or preferences at home.

Make a Face
The teacher uses pictures of faces with expressions. A child from a group or class take turns to take a card and without showing it to the other children, demonstrate the expression. The other children in the group or class have to try name the expression. Expressions could be sad, happy, angry, excited, nervous etc

People Patterns
Organise the children into groups of about 6. Discuss different types of patterns (this could be linked to algebra) for example A B B A, A C B A B, A A B B A. Have the members of the group organise themselves in patterns. Once they have made a pattern the group stands infront in the class in that order. An example of a pattern could be "white shoes, black shoes" or "jerseys on, jerseys off". The people pattern should tell the class what type of pattern they are demonstrating (A B A B, etc). The class then has to guess who can go next in the pattern. They may not guess the pattern until have named a person to stand next in the people pattern. The child to correctly identify the pattern will join his/her group to establish the next pattern.

Organise the class into four large groups and ask them to stand on a bench or marked area. Tell the children they have to pretend they are in a lifeboat and there are crocodiles in the water. If any of them fall in, the crocodiles will know they are there and they will get eaten. Their task is to organise themselves in order according to what the teacher calls out. Examples could be height, birthdays, age etc.

The whole class stands in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Each child has to reach out and grab two different hand, not including people next to them. Encourage the children not to criss-cross their hands. The children must untangle themselves so that everyone is standing in a round circle again. After the children have done this, try organising the children into two groups and make it a competition.

The Cardboat Boat Game
This game is best played in a gym or field. Each team (4-6 children) are given a piece of cardboard, just big enough for them all to stand on. The game starts off with all members of the group's hand carrying the piece of cardboard (the boat). The teacher has a choice of two commands: 'Go' means teams can move forward holding their piece of cardboard at any speed, and 'attack' means the team must put their piece of cardboard on the ground and all team members must stand on it. If one child falls off the boat, the whole team goes down. The last team to get on their boat is 'out' and they must rip of piece of coardboard off from their boat before the teacher calls out 'go' again. The object of the game is to get to the other end of the gym or field.


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