Yay I relieved my first class!!!

I was sound asleep in my snug wee bed when I received a call at 7.20 am from the relieving agency!!! It was on my day when I’m available to work a half day. They offered me two different schools, Year 3/4 and 7/8 at an intermediate. I ended up teaching the intermediate class and it was pretty good. I taught two different classes and both of them provided planning. It felt pretty silly with my big yellow box which probably weighed 50 kg because it was packed with resources. At least my paperwork has been sent away for my salary assessment. I wonder how many weeks it will take me to get paid…hmmm…

I hope I get more days this week! I will update you all soon on my relieving adventures. I’m pretty busy this weekend as I’ve just moved in with my boyfriend so I’ll try my best to keep adding stuff.

Ciao world! x0x0x0x

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