Hoorah I’m relieving more now!!!

I relieved three days last week, boy was it tiring!!! I taught mainly Year 1-3 children which is great because I need more experience in the area. Those classes were quite tough as their were children with conflicts. It’s so hard when your a reliever and you don’t know the dynamics of the class when the teacher calls sick. I had to break up a fight and it was horrible! I felt like running home at lunch time.

On the positive side I taught my first new entrants class yesterday and they were absolutely lovely! In the past I had only taught a Year 0-2 class in my second year of study. I was a little suprised how fast they do things!!! I gave them an art activity that I expected would take 15 minutes at least and 5 minutes later they brought a page with brown and blue scribbles on it chanting “Miss Draper Miss Draper I’ve finished!!! Can I plaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy?!?!?!”. It made me think about more activities that wouldn’t use too many resources.

Every time the relieving agency has called me I’ve been fast asleep in bed with limited time to et ready so today I woke up at 6.50am, got dressed and ready by 7.30am and I didn’t get called! Just my luck!

Only a few more days until the school holidays so hopefully I can get another day relieving. If I do I’ll make sure I update my blog. In the school holidays I’ll be tutoring so that’ll be good money and experience. When I have time I’ll also update some teaching resources. Remember to email me with your ideas!!! :o)

-Miss Draper xxx

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