Day 15 – Karon, Phuket

Today was much more relaxed. We swam and sunbathed at the beach today and not a soul pestered us, it was great! After the beach we swam and sunbathed at our resort…ohh this is the life. We had a drink at the bar in the middle of the pool, a bit pricey but we felt pretty cool. We got a little burnt today, pure aloe vera gel is the best! There are a fewer older European topless women at our pools, even though it says it’s rude to in our hotel guide hmmmm.

After our lazy day we walked to the market sfor dinner. We had 50B pad thai, by the the cheapest food in Phuket we’ve seen so far. On the way from walking back we got pedicures done for 100B ($4)

I’m so excited to go to PhiPhi Island hehe

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