Day 14 – Karon, Phuket

We started off the day with our buffet included in our accommodation. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! It is so good!!! They have everything! If you want eggs they cook it fresh right in front of you e.g. if you want an omelet you can choose what you want in it. 

With our big bellies we jumped in the pool, swam around for a couple hours and splashed out on massage next to the pool (which is pretty much next to the beach). Si got a foot scrap and massage and I got a Thai Massage. Hmmmm I can’t say I’ll be having another one of those anytime soon. They use their knees and elbows and even stand on you!!!.

Next we caught the blue bus to Phuket town (25B). It was quite boring there…won’t go back. Then we caught another bus to Patong…a different story!!! I’m soooooooooooooo glad I’m not staying there. All they want is your money. You walk passed in they’re like "Gidday mate", or "kia ora bro". They ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL put on perfect accents to try pull you into their shops. Some even knew how to say "haere mai" and kei te pehea koe!" They started their prices ridiculously high there. One of the  reasons I like Karon more than Patong is the amount of loungers on the beach. I couldn’t believe seeing 4 rows on loungers whereas in Karon there is generally just the one row along the wall.

P.S. There are topless swimmers in Thailand, even when it’s really rude to do so in their culture. 80% of men wear speedos. I feel overdressed wearing a tankini. 

We got a tuk tuk back to Karon 500B > 300B. Probably could of got it for 250B.  Transport is so much more expensive here, I can’t wait to lounge around tomorrow. 

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