7-11 January (Pattaya, Thailand)

Well for the next few days Si, Luke and myself did pretty much the same thing.

Woke up

Just what  a holiday should be like! Didn’t really buy much as I already bought GENUINE stuff in the USA. On our last night we had some drinks to finish off and we went to a karaoke (as I was determined to sing after a few drinks). Some like the songs I sang with the old Thai lady on the keyboard were…

  • Like a Virgin – Madonna
  • My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
  • My Girl – ???

Simon even went around with the tip jar because I was so fantastic Cool. Afterwards we went to find food….not quite KFC but…. 


The next day I was sick and had such an unsettled tummy – I blamed the chicken feet. At least my mum will be proud I ate them because the Filipinos eat them too haha!

Ohhhhh I’m not looking forward to working the day after I get back, the most I’ve slept on a long haul flight on this trip is three hours Surprised

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