6 January (Pattaya, Thailand)

While the boys were having a swim we had another wee look around the shops but once again I didn’t really buy much. Afterwards to hopped in a van to Pattaya, which cost us 1700 baht, not too bad between 4 people.

First impression of Pattaya…

White man + Thai girl = Happy times.

There are soooooooooooooooooooo many older men looking for men here it’s not funny. AND there are 10 times more Thai girls looked for love too! Our hotel is pretty nice for it’s price, it’s kind of like a small resort with a pretty good buffet breakfast and two swimming pools.

After a few drinks and card games we went out for dinner. The night life starts here the minute it gets dark! After dinner I went to the hotel while the boys went out. Three white men out on the streets on Pattaya. Hmmmm Foot in mouth


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