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Still playing the waiting game

Monday, May 28th, 2007

Hey world!

I still haven’t had one day relieving yet!!! I have just joined a relieving agency so hopefully I can relieve next week. I have been spending my free time gathering resources, especially rainy day activities. I’m also re-doing my CV as I want to apply for a job within the next couple weeks, hopefully once that’s done I can upload it onto my site. That’s it for now but I promise to keep you all updated with relieving!

Ciao! xxxx

Sorry for not updating my journal!!

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Hi world!!! It has been about 5 weeks since I passed my final placement. Getting started is a lengthy process!! I only just got my Confirmation Letter and Transcript from the university so I was able to verify copies and send them off to the Teachers Council and Provisionally registered. I rang up today and now I’m officially provisionally registered! Now I’m playing the waiting game AGAIN to get my Practicing Certificate so I can join Quick Help (relieving agency).

Some advice for student teachers in their final year of study…send away for your registration towards the end of the year like October. Even if you don’t have your qualification you application can be put on hold while they check off everything else, I think it’s the police check that takes ages.

Well I haven’t even relieved one day yet which is a shame because I’ve organised my work so that I’m availible three days a week. Ive only handed in my relieving CV into four schools so today I’m going to hand out more. Once I can join the agency I should be getting ooooooodles of work.

Tutoring ESOL children is going great, it’s going to be relevant to add on my CV. I’m doing four classes a week now, two hours each, mainly teaching two children at once.

I’ll keep you updated more often, I promise! ;o)

Keep up the emails

Miss Draper X