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Words Games and Activities the Classroom

"Thought Waves "

-Possibly paper and pencil
-A list of key words, e.g. grass, house, ocean etc.

Game Sequence:
1. Organise the class into two teams. Straight down the middle of the class when they are at their desks is probably the easiest.

2. Introduce a word to the class such as 'glass' The children in Team A may begin raising their hands and calling out related words, such as: green, mower, blades, lawn etc. For each acceptable word one point is awarded.

3. Once Team A cannot think of any more related words, a new word is given to Team B and the process is repeated. Keep the game moving quickly. Establish a rule that if know one called out a word in 10 seconds a new word will be given to the opposite team.

This game could also be played in groups (it would be ideal if the children were in groups of 5-6). Each group has a piece of paper and when the teacher calls a keyword all team members must record as many words as possible. Give each team a one minute time limit. Once the time limit is over each team reads out their words and their score recorded on the whiteboard. Children love having an element of competition!


"The Spelling Game "

This activity is appropriate for lower primary children and up. It is for two or more players.

-A die
-Pencil and paper for each player
-Letter cards (make small cards using two of the following letters: n, o, p, r, s, t, u, v, w, y, etc)

Teaching Sequence:
Shuffle the letter cards and place them face down in the middle. The first player turns over the top card and places it down to reveal the first letter of the round. Roll the dice, this number gives the letter's place in the word. For example:

The fourth letter in the word must be 'P'

It is a race to correctly write down a word that meets the criteria. A possible word could be 'stopped'. The children could use spelling lists or a dictionary to help them.

The first player who makes a word scores a point for that round. The person to win 5 points wins.

This game could be played as whole class or in grouping competing against each other.




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