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Words Games and Activities the Classroom

"In Between"

The purpose of this game is for children to practice putting letters in alphabetical order. This game could be for two or more players. It is appropriate for children in lower middle school.

- Letter cards (a range of different letters on small cards, e.g. d, j, i, m).
- Pencil and paper for each player.

Game Sequence:
1. Shuffle the cards and deal each player two cards

2. Each player must write all the letters that come between those letters in the alphabet. For example if 'b' and 'i' are dealt, the player writes 'c, d, e, f, g, h'.

3. One point is scored for each letter than is written. If there are no letters that comes between two dealt cards, the player gets zero points. Cards are returned back to the pile and re-shuffled for another round.

4. The game continues for a certain number of rounds (the teacher sets this at the start). The player with the most points wins. As an alternative the player who reaches a certain amount of points wins.


"The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Again"

This activity is appropriate for middle-aged primary children and up. It makes a great fill in activity

Paper and pencil

Teaching Sequence:
1. Write on the white board "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog". Explain to the children that it is a very well known sentence and uses every letter of the alphabet at least once.

2. To make this activity easier, ask the children to write all the letters of the alphabet down the margin of the page. Challenge the children to create a sentence that uses every letter of the sentence at least once. Encourage the children do use their imagination. Those children who finish must try to create another one.

3. Each of the children share their sentences with the class. The winner is the person who writes the shortest sentence fewest letters) containing all letters of the alphabet. All words must be spelt correctly.

An Example:
Quickly pack my box with five dozen green jugs.
The weather man quickly predicted extra heavy fog and drizzle before Jack's vacation.

1. Instead of making this a whole-class activity, it could be a free-time or fast finisher activity. Children could work independently and read their sentence aloud at a specified time in the day, for example just before lunch.

If you wanted to make this a longer lesson, the children could publish their sentence onto paper and draw an illustration, border, etc.




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