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More Games for the Classroom

The Laughing Game
Divide the class into two teams and two lines. Instruct the children to stand shoulder to shoulder facing a person on the other team. Stand the children about a metre apart. Choose one child from each team to walk past each person in the row of the opposite team. The people on the team try to make the person chosen from the other team laugh or smile as he/she walks by. No touching is allowed. If the person walking down the aisle makes it to the other end straight-faced they join their team again. If they laugh/smile they must join the other team.

The Weather Game
The whole class stands in a large circle facing the middle. All the children face the middle, close their eyes and pause until there is complete silence. Remind the children that in order for the activity to work they need to be totally silent so they can hear what is happening around them, specifically the person to the right of them. As the children keep their eyes closed, one child (the leader) starts the 'rainstorm' by rubbing their hands together. The person on the left joins them and so on until the complete circle is rubbing their hands. When the leader hears the rain from the child to the right of them he/she starts clicking their fingers. When the whole circle is clicking the leader changes to clapping, thigh slapping, and finally stamping feet. After everyone is stomping their feet and leader starts reversing all the actions, one by one. When everyone is at the beginning at rubbing their hands, the leader stops rubbing their hand and holds the hand of the child on their left. Each person follows until there is complete silence.

Classmate Changes
This game can be played as a small group or as a whole class. Choose a class volunteer. Instruct the children to look at the volunteer very carefully and remember as much as they can about their appearace. The volunteer leaves the rooms, changes three noticable things about them and re-enters the room. If your going to play this game as a whole class, try choosing 3-5 volunteers. This game can also be played in pairs but instead of leaving the room the pairs moves back to back.

Wink (Murderer)
The children sit in a large circle with their eyes closed. The teacher chooses the winker. Everyone opens their eyes again. If a child is winked at, they must pause and then make a scene to show others that they are out of the game. The purpose of the game is to catch the winker before everyone is out. If someone thinks they can guess the winker they must say "I have an accusation". There must be two accusers to stop the game. Once two accusers have called out they count together to three and point at the winker (without discussing it). If they point to someone who isn't the winker or to different people they are out of the game. If the point to the correct winker the game is over.


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