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Issues linked to Designing a Fitness Programme


Here are just a few questions I got asked that I had to think about when designing a classroom fitness programme.


What were the key factors you need to consider in your planning?

I needed to make sure I had a variety of activities and that they weren't all too similar. I needed to make sure they they were activities that had high participation of all the class and it fitted in with their physical ability of their development stage. I had to make sure they didn't require much prior knowledge to perform the activity. Since the actual activities were only ten minutes, I had to ensure that the activities did not involve too much equipment because that takes time.

When in the day would you teach daily exercise – justify your decision?

I would probably teacher daily exercise around 9.30 am because it allows for all the late comers to get to school. By the time it is ready to do fitness, all the roll, notices and other business that is part of the 'morning agenda' is finished. At that time children are relatively alert and they have plenty of time to do work afterwards, for example, writing before morning tea and their brains will be even more alert after physical activity. After lunch they would of already been moving around enough and might put as much input as earlier in the day.

Why would you set up a daily exercise program?

To make physical activity available to all children and encouragement a commitment to an more active lifestyle, in a positive way. Frequent and regular physical activity is essential for children's' optimum growth. Regular fitness has an impact on a child's personal and social development. A daily exercise program improves cardiovascular efficiency. It can also have a positive influence on health problems such as diabetes, back problems, obesity and heart disease. It can have a positive influence on sleep and poor posture, self esteem, confidence and concentration during classroom activities.


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