Day 24 – Singapore

We spent the morning swimming in our resort. It was a lot busier because of Singaporeans going to Santosa for the weekend. I did ‘water aerobics’ which the cheesy lifeguard led.

After we freshened up we took the free local tram to Dolphin’s Lagoon where we saw PINK DOLPHINS. They did cool tricks and was a once in a lifetime experience! We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the other man-made beaches on the island and went to Underwater World. Outside the aquarium a man came up to me and put a snake around my neck…I was so terrified the snake wasn’t around my neck long enough to get a photo. It felt pretty smooth and was quite heavy. When we were in the aquarium we patted stingrays – I was quite cautious as it wasn’t long after Steve Irwin had passed away. Sealed

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