Day 21 – Phuket to Singapore

What a mission to pack up all of our shopping!

Singapore was sooooo clean and green. If you spit or throw rubbish on the ground, you get a massive then and have to clean rubbish from the streets…even if your a doctor! It was weird being in a place where most people speak English. Santosa was only 25 minutes from the airport. Our resort (Santa Rosa Resort) was VERY flash, however our resort in Phuket had better pool facilities. Santa Rosa Resort is located ON the man-made beach so when you’re sunbathing you just have to step across two metres to switch between them. Our room had a massive poolview balcony with sunbathing chairs and a phone next to the toilet! There was even a volume control next to the toilet so you could listen to the television in the bathroom. Another standout feature in the bathroom are the TWO showerheads!

After getting over how cool the bathroom was we treated ourselves to room service and they delivered it covered with a big silver dish – just like how they do it in the movies. We felt very pampared eating our meal in the robes and slippers that the resort provided.

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