Day 11 – Krabi

After a big sleep in our bungalow (more like a run down little brick house) we caught a long tail boat to Railey beach from Ao Nang which cost 80B. The beach is a stunning beach, clear green waters and big limestone cliffs. The only thing that let the beach down was small rocks when walking into the beach and the number of tourists (not too many, it’s just I didn’t feel like I was in Thaland! Only a couple old ladies bugged us about buying sarongs or massages while little kids carried around plastic bags with overpriced cold drinks.

There are so many beautiful islands close to Krabi and I wish we could stay in Krabi longer! Because the Songkhran festival is still happening in Krabi we had to walk back to our place as the traffic was one way. Luckily we still had our togs on because we got really drenched with water and talcum powder…I love this festival!!!

On the way back I found the magical pancakes Kirsty went on about…THEY ARE SO TASTY. We had banana and chocolate and they cost 30B. When we got back to our bungalows they didn’t have any clean towels, ours were of course soaked from bringing them through the gauntlet of water fights. We were so annoyed so we got our banana fruit shakes from the restaurant next door instead hehehe.

After we had finally dried off from our drip-dry shower we ventured out to Ao Nang. On the way we had pinacoladas on the beach. We had dinner at a really nice restaurant and we sat in our little bamboo hut on the beach. With our wee bellies full we ventured out to do some shopping, they mainly have surf shops there.

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