Beginnings – The Flight

What a long and exhausting flight!!! Luckily I didn’t sit next to any snorers or screaming children. The kai was pretty good and I was quite satisfied with my own wee T.V screen, go Singapore Airlines!!!

 Singapore Airport is a pretty cool airport because they have the internet and so many shops and things to keep you occupied. We were in Terminal 2 so we didn’t get to see the new Terminal 3 with the swimming pool!!!

 We finally arrived in Bangkok Airport and followed the advice of a Swiss man sitting next to us. It was much better to get a taxi OUTSIDE the airport and ignore the PUSHY taxi drivers. We paid only 300 baht ($12) for a 30k taxi instead of 1000 baht ($40). The taxi didn’t have a speedometer in his car so it was a rather interesting ride!!! (fast, zipping in and out of 7 lanes).

 We finally arrived at our hotel – The Indro Regent. It’s a pretty nice room on the 17th (top) floor. The bed is MASSIVE (superking) and the air conditioning is cool and quiet. Bangkok is SUCH a hot place. The temperature is a average of 35 degrees + 90% humidity (a slightly mild steam room) + pollution.

After a loooooong day we had a great sleep and actually woke up early the next day!!!

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