4 January (Berlin, Germany)

On our last day in Berlin we went to a concentration camp (Sachsenhausen). It was the first proper concentration camp in Germany and what the other ones were based on. I’ll also have to come back to this post and add more detail because I’m paying by the minute here!

We left to go to Frankfurt airport about 2 pm and believe it or not we NEARLY missed our plane!!! There was heavy snow in some areas, people driving back from holidays and there were 7 accidents on the autobahn, including flipped cars!!! (OUR FLIGHT DIDN’T DEPART UNTIL 10.50 PM!!!). What should of been a 4-5 hour drive took much longer. I didn’t even have time to say a proper goodbye to Dobbo Frown. Once we had checked-in we had 9 mintues to sprint to the other end of the terminal and pretty much sat straight on the plane.

More than 8 hours of drive time + 11 hour plane ride = VERY SORE TAIL BONE

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