16 December (Prague, Czech Republic)

Today we met up with a guy for a walking tour in Old Town Square. We started it at the cathedral that has a clock that tells at least 6 types of time. Every hour the little skeleton men ring the bells, the windows open and the 12 apostles spin around, pretty cool! It was an amazing four hour tour and we saw heaps of stuff including Old Town Square (where important people were hung/prosecuted) cathedrals, the grand castle with the guards, the ghettos where the Jewish were sent during WW2,  and the Charles Bridge. Man I don’t know how people wear high heels in Prague because most of the streets are made of cobblestones.  We had a mulled wine break then went to the new mall which opened only a few months ago. Didn’t buy any clothes because must of it is winter stuff. We caught the metro back and had a celebratory wine as we were too tired last night. Dobbo got scared of the lady in bathroom because she went nuts after he didn’t pay his 50 koruna (50 cents) to go to the toilet. Later in the evening we went to a pizza restaurant down the street. Food in Czech is about the same price in New Zealand if not cheaper and my salmon pasta was pretty good! The customer service is noticeably not as polite at the USA, probably because they’re not working as hard for tips!

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