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My Personal Philosophy

My Aim Is To:

  • Create a positive classroom environment that encourages children to take risks and know that their culture, values, and ideas are respected and celebrated by their peers and the teacher.
  • Give children choices in order for them to make informed/responsible decisions and know that they have consequences.
  • Plan, implement and assess to programmes to relate to the children in an aunthentic context so it is relevant and meaningful.
  • Incorporate problem-solving approaches in the classroom and set up experiences for them to transfer their new skills to similar but different situations, particularly in my specialty areas in maths and ICT.
  • Use a range of range of teaching approaches such as co-operative learning, inquiry and other methods to foster student growth, encourage the inquisitive mind and the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Integrate ICT into curriculum areas where applicable and ensure that there is sequential development of these skills and experiences over the year, as well as continuing with my own development in this area .
  • Allow space in my programmes for students to reflect upon what they have learned, even if the reflection occurs in less formal ways.
  • Use the 'Sports Education Model' to foster team spirit, fair play in the classroom as well as integrating it into other curriculum areas.
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